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Monday, May 30, 2016

Donald Trump: My Open Letter To The Soul Inside The Man

Dear Donald Trump...

I write this "open letter" to you, in hopes of it reaching your consciousness through whatever forces and powers are at work in our Universe that manage such things.

I am both excited and disappointed with the current "Trump platform", mainly because I do believe you speak many Truths (with capital "T") regarding such things as our broken system(s): i.e., 'politics-as-usual', current political cronyisms, deceptions, 'riggings', corruption, and the like.

And, I do believe you genuinely want to help "fix" America, as you've alluded to in some of your interviews, etc. And, I also believe you have many qualifications which likely give you capabilities that could help make some of the things plaguing America far better than they are today.

But...(there's always a 'but', right?)...

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