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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why Do We Insist On Building Walls - Instead Of Bridges?

It sometimes seems like many regions of our world are becoming more and more 'isolated', with countries building walls and fences between certain factions of society and certain cultural or economic disparities that accentuate one region's prosperity over a neighboring region's poverty.

Case in point, USA vs. Mexico. We know the U.S. is more prosperous in an overall sense, and has numerous government assistance programs, modern healthcare, minimum wage and labor protection laws, and much more.

Mexico, unfortunately, is not so prosperous, apparently; else the number of border-crossing-illegal-immigrants would not be what it is. Most are seeking "a better life", where they (presumably) can earn much more than what they can earn at home...not to mention all the 'programs', right? the right answer really to build impenetrable walls and spend countless billions monitoring, maintaining, and otherwise managing all the goings on that such walls require?

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