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Why Do We Insist On Building Walls - Instead Of Bridges?

Isn't there a better way to approach regional (and other?) differences than building walls or other barricades to further separate our global human family? 

Doesn't anyone recall the difficulties and atrocities surrounding the so-called "Berlin Wall" before it was knocked down? Weren't any lessons taken from that?

Are we still so selfish that we cannot learn how to share our knowledge, prosperity, inventions, technologies, and other positive things we've been fortunate (blessed?) enough to have come up with?

Why can't we "spread the wealth"? Why can't we become 'partners' with our regional neighbors and work toward mutually beneficial cooperation and 'peaceful coexistence', instead of trying to "pour boiling oil" on their heads when they try to climb over our walls? 

If this doesn't smack of some of the most primitive conqueror type tactics, I don't know what does (IMhO). 

History exhibits quite clearly how often mighty fortresses, castles, walled cities, and other barriers were built...just to "keep out the riff-raff".

But...that's the kind of practices many of the most notable, influential, powerful people resorted to...before our world was as "intelligent, as educated, and as civilized" as we are today, right? 

Indeed, we carry on similarly today, and we are practicing quite the same things, except now we're building walls that are thousands of miles long. How is this kind of thing supposed to help our world become 'as one, united global community' sharing common goals and aspirations?

Or...maybe our world should NOT become 'as one'...maybe our world SHOULD remain separated and SHOULD be further isolated based on our differences...maybe our world SHOULD become more and more 'fearful' of our regional and even our local neighbors...?

NO! I cannot agree with anything like that; but I don't see how it can be headed for much else; unless we can learn how to BUILD BRIDGES - INSTEAD OF WALLS, y'know?

Just sayin'...  

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