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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Do We Dare Try Love?

OK, so this question is nothing new. As we all know, love is something we all need and want, and it is associated with the very core of our existence as a species and is part and parcel of the overall 'success' of humanity itself. By 'success', I mean mostly that humanity has continued to procreate and evolve somewhat 'successfully' through the relatively short time we have been here.

Indeed, it is love which draws together two individuals for purposes of procreating and sharing in blissful intimacy only they can define and describe. It is the same basic formula throughout much of the living world (except in asexual organisms, as far as I know), though perhaps in varying methodologies and measurement of how much of a sensation of "love" is we think of love, that is.

Is love, then, merely a 'chemical influence' on our psyche, our being, triggered by hormonal substances acting upon specific segments of our brain?  Or, is love more of a spiritual and emotional concept that is really only perceivable or appreciable by higher forms of life...such as humans?  And, does humanity know how to foster and teach and practice love in all things, toward the betterment of our world?

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