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Do We Dare Try Love?

Our world is in tough shape. Everybody knows it, and everybody is afraid. Hatred - ethnic, religious, cultural, political, even educational and economical differences seem to be driving wedges between humanity's children.

Do we dare to try love? We've heard it before, from many, past and present; but do we know what it's all about? Do we even know what it means to "love our fellow man (or woman, etc.)"?

Can we continue to perpetuate wars and bloodshed to try settling differences? Isn't war pretty much another form of "bullying"? No wonder our kids are struggling with that, huh?

I want to encourage more love, and discourage the "strong-arm tactics" we have become accustomed to over the past centuries. We spend billions on fancy war equipment and all the other war-related stuff (training, personnel, etc.), so we can show the rest of the world that we're in control...until some other 'bully' comes along with bigger and better stuff.

I think we need to "Promote Peace through Practicing Peace".

I believe we must learn how to use peaceful measures to attain peace, and we must also learn how not to use bullying tactics. That is, in my (humble) opinion.

Just sayin'...

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