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Why is SPREADING FEAR so powerful?

This topic actually originated from some of my input at, where someone asked how best to be rid of a fear of cancer. The following is an edited and expanded version of my answer to that query.

It is not always easy to overcome some fears, and fear of 'dread diseases' (i.e., cancer, etc.) might be one of those fears some people never really overcome. By nature, we want to be healthy and well, without any chronic pain or other distracting and uncomfortable conditions. 

Cancers (and some other diseases) are often "sinister" and difficult to diagnose, and even some of the treatments are frequently undesirable and downright sickening in many cases.

Certain tests for genetic markers and other 'early-detection-tests' can sometimes shed light on certain susceptibilities to some conditions, but not all can be predicted early enough to do things to prevent them from ever occurring.

Couple that with the media-hype about cancers and other diseases, and it becomes even more difficult to overcome fears. 

Then, there's the pharmaceutical and medical, and health care industries that depend greatly on people being in need of their products and services...that is, being "sick" or "sickly".

It sometimes seems as though the medical industry is in favor of maintaining elevated fear levels (i.e., "spreading fear"?). And, that is sometimes enough to affect some people negatively enough, to the point that their immune system becomes compromised because of heavy stress...relating to fears about getting sick! 

What a vicious cycle!

It is becoming clear, through myriad studies and research efforts, that many cancers and many other diseases (diabetes, coronary artery disease, others) can be avoided and prevented through careful, conscientious, strictly 'organic living'.

Of course, that is not an easy thing to do for many (or most?) people, especially when processed and 'non-organic', or otherwise "typical" consumer products are generally less costly due to potentially health-damaging 'mass-production-profit-driven' practices, processes, chemicals, additives, genetic modifications, and more.

Many modern day items we partake of (some foods, drinks, snacks, fast-foods, etc.) or otherwise use in our everyday lives (cosmetics, medications, household products, etc.) must be carefully screened for harmful ingredients, some of which are known to cause certain cancers, reproductive birth-defects, and other health damages. 

It might be nearly impossible to avoid all such things, since there is literally so much of it out there. Take a peek at California's Proposition 65 listing for more detailed information.

And we're just talking about fears relating to health here. We know there are numerous other fears being spread across the media conduits every moment of every day (and night). 

World unrest, terrorism, hunger, poverty, natural disasters, climate changes, pollution, economic instability, corruption, racism, social, religious and cultural clashes, and so much more.

But here's the thing...

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