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President Trump's First Speech To Congress - How GREAT Was It?

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Ahh...yes...the "highlights" of President Trump's first speech to Congress. 

OK, here we go:

  • Condemned hatred and evil in all its ugly forms.
    • Mr. Trump has often said he wants to help rid our world of 'evils' facing us. He reinforced this sentiment early on in this speech. If he can, indeed, help to do that, it would surely be great
  • Wants to make America into the torch to light up the world.
    • I thought this was a great analogy to use, as Mr. Trump has already said similar things, and what greater way to help the world, than to become a "True Light"? As long as our light is "pure" and not tainted by any of the "evils" he wishes to erase.
  • Made it clear his message was from his heart.
    • Early on, Mr. Trump mentioned that his message was from his heart, and I do believe it was, although I'm no 'expert'. If so, I would say that's pretty great.
  • Wants to renew the American Spirit.
    • I 'assume' Mr. Trump was making reference to an 'earlier America', when we seemed to be much more "collected" and more "unified" in many things than we seem to be today. I am hopeful, but we are a very different America today, and I don't know if that earlier American Spirit can ever be resurrected, given the history and experiences we've had since that time (whenever that time was!). I'll say if Mr. Trump can bring back some of the old, original, Colonial American Spirit that many modern Americans have lost, or perhaps never had, or perhaps never even learned...that would be great...I think.
  • Wants to ensure Americans have hope, safety, and opportunity.
    • So, this is certainly a great platform plank, and I don't think anyone would find fault with it. How to do it might be elusive, though. I just hope we don't have to resort to violence or "police-state" tactics to make any of it a reality. Hope, safety and opportunity are nothing, if they're surrounded by armed security, barrier walls, undue surveillance, and similar constraints upon personal freedoms...(IMhO). 
  • Wishes to keep his promises to the American People.
    • As we have already seen with Mr. Trump, he is 'adamant' about keeping his promises to those who exhibited their overwhelming support during his campaign. Here's hoping he keeps his promises to ALL Americans, and not only those who 'actively' supported him. Some of his promises are great; others, not-so-much (IMhO).
  • Wants to cut costs in government.
    • THIS is superbly great! But I'm doubtful...since we know how BIG government is, and how BUREAUCRATIC it is, and how WASTEFUL it is. Reining in high costs is probably one of the most difficult things to accomplish, since it is made up of so many elusive and even 'hidden' facets. Here's hoping!Click image for imprinting on T-shirts, mugs, and more!
  • Wants to drain the swamp of government corruption.
    • Wow! That might be a huge undertaking, if some of the 'scuttlebutt' we hear about how government works has any Truth (with a capital "T") to it. But, if Mr. Trump is serious about it, I think it's certainly a great and welcome thing. Best of luck with that one.
  • Wants to ban national lobbying for five years, and international lobbying for life.
    • Well, I'm in favor, but I'd like to see ALL LOBBYING banned...THAT would be great. Or, at least ban the money and other kinds of 'remuneration' used to get "preferential treatment or action" from government officials.
  • Hopes to review all government agencies.
    • OK, this is good, I think. After all, we know there are many government agencies where waste, fraud, even corruption and other 'illicit tactics' might exist. If Mr. Trump can fix some of these things, that will certainly be great!

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