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President Obama - Talks About Love

The speech our President made to the NAACP is filled with reminders for all of us to be more considerate and tolerant and forgiving and more of our "brothers' keepers" and our "sisters' keepers". He spoke of Justice being love at work, from our parents, our community, our politicians, our police, and more.

President Obama talked of the Christian values of recognizing that nobody is perfect, or 'without sin' of some kind...and he talked of everyone needing 'redemption', and Justice and redemption go hand-in-hand.

Do we dare try love?

I recently wrote the above linked article, as I wanted to share my own sentiments toward the concept of actually striving toward prioritizing the need for love in all aspects of our existence. Perhaps I'm a 'dreamer', as some might say, but I'm also a 'realist', and I know it's likely that love, as a solution to things, will not become the 'norm' until the Prince of Peace returns to set things right, y'know?

I'm just sayin'...

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