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President Obama and Pope Francis - Talking More About Love?

I was impressed at how Pope Francis arrived at the event. His vehicle, a small Fiat™, was preceded (escorted) by a very large, black SUV, which I first thought was likely to be his 'ride'...until I saw the little car pull up behind it. 

The Pope exited his vehicle without any pomp or other kind of unnecessary 'fluff', and immediately approached President and Mrs. Obama, shook their hands, and the three of them began walking toward the podium and seating areas. Michelle Obama walked ahead and sat down, and the President and the Pope stood side by side near the podium as the Holy See and American anthems were played.

Then the President gave his speech, and I truly appreciated listening to him talk about our need for changing our world, with focus on diplomatic and non-violent solutions toward positive, peaceful relations and interactions with our 'brothers and sisters' of our world.

Next, Pope Francis gave his speech, which he gave in English, as he read from his podium notes. His message was clear; he thanked President Obama and the American people for committing (in principle) to engaging in positive changes in the various arenas we all know can only really be changed through compassion, love, sharing, and other forms of peaceful and altruistic behaviors. 

Both President Obama and Pope Francis reflected on the need for building bridges instead of walls between nations and peoples...and even between peoples' differences, such as political, cultural, religious, social, or other form of 'individualism'.  

Their tone and emphasis clearly exposed their sense of urgency and concern for us to look at ourselves in that proverbial mirror; the kind that reflects who and what we really are...on the inside...not who and what we might appear to be.

So, I was again quite pleased to hear our President, along with Pope Francis, emphasize the critical importance for all of us to pay more attention to some of the things many feel have 'become threadbare' in a lot of areas in our social fabric...the things that really matter in life...the things most of us lose sight of because of our busy lives...until we are forced to "slow down and smell the roses", y'know?

Just sayin'...

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