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Haters: Who Are They/We?

Recent tragic events may be opening new opportunities for America (and others) to begin thinking more about 'political-correctness' vs. 'Truth' (with a capital "T"). President Obama's point when he used the "N" word was certainly on target (IMhO); that it's not nearly enough simply to abolish words or symbols; it takes a heart-change in the way people think about what those things represent (my paraphrasing).

I welcome the opportunity for positive change, and began wondering about just who among us could be considered "haters"...of any kind. And, what, if anything, can be done to help foster changes in ALL forms of hatred, including even high level, global relationships. 

Can we even learn to LOVE OUR ENEMIES? Can we learn to seek true peace through love, rather than through war...the epitome of "hate symbols"? Can we start to look deep inside ourselves to find that "common spark of humanity" that connects all of us as one complete "family" and start to behave more like that?

I'd like to think humanity has become intelligent enough to see the obvious benefits of positivity vs. negativity (peace vs. war, love vs. hate, good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, etc.), but I know none of us can claim "perfection" in all things obvious, y'know? It takes that deep journey within, I guess...and repeated views of ourselves in our own 'mirrors' see what we reflect toward others.

They often say (btw...who IS "they", anyway? - we'll have to research that!)...anyway, they often say "where there's a will, there's a way". This means 'anything is possible', as long as there's a true desire for it to become real. Surely, we'd all want "goodness" vs. "badness", I would imagine, so I wonder what it might take for humanity to become more closely "knitted" on important issues such as hatred?

Is hatred acceptable at all? If so, what conditions warrant 'acceptable hatred'? Where does hatred come from? Is it 'evil' always, or is it sometimes 'good'? How can we resolve hatred if we don't know what it looks like? There's the need for our mirrors again, eh? 

Just sayin'...

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