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So, What's Up With All The "Shocking News" Headline Hype, Anyway?

I am beginning to become a bit frustrated with some of the misleading headlines, titles, and descriptions being used in some 'out-links' (those extraneous little windows) that show up on many websites.

Headlines/titles/descriptions like: (Note: These are my own "made up" headlines/titles/descriptions; any resemblance to actual headlines/titles/descriptions is purely coincidental.)

1. "Shocking Photographs Of Celebs In Compromising Positions"
This 'click' might take one to a photo slide-show of some celebrities who might have been snapped while they were picking their noses, or scratching themselves, or other similar...but hardly "shocking" things.

2. "14 Stunning Shots Of (any politician) Doing Weird Things - And Number 5 Will Shock You!"
This 'click' might take one to photos of (any politician) doing things like smoking cigarettes, or trying to park a vehicle (with difficulty), or other "not-really-so-weird" things. Number 5? Probably someone like The Donald...combing his hair(?).

3. "This Site Will Tell You More About You Than Even YOU Know About You!"
This 'click' might take one to a site for background checks or similar venue for learning information (mostly what's available as "public information") about people. Yes, it might just be possible we do not know ourselves, after all.

I can't help but wonder how and why some of these clearly "bait and switch" tactics are even practiced, since it stands to reason that most people will simply learn to avoid such things when they know they'll just be "disappointed" anyway. Disappointed, that is, with "not-really-being-shocked", right?

Which begs my next questions: 

  • "WHY are we so gullible, so susceptible to things which scream out at us with terms like "shocking", "stunning", "awful", "monstrous", and numerous similar words and phrases?"
  • "WHY do we (some) seek to be "shocked"?

Perhaps that's best discussed in another post, y'know?

Just sayin'...


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