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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who decides what is RIGHT and WRONG?

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Recently, someone posted a poster/image on Google Plus™ that reads:

"There is no God! There is no Sin! There is 'Right' and 'Wrong' as determined by socially evolved standards and definitions". 

I cannot swallow that "as is"; not without some kind of debate regarding how real RIGHT and real WRONG are to be determined, and who in society gets to determine what is meant by those terms.

Religions and other institutions / entities attempt to teach some of these things, though I think our human thinking often gets in the way of the real meanings.

Societies, cultures and civilizations make up rules, which do change with time, experience, and other influences, but what are the real RIGHTS and WRONGS in the grander scheme that cannot be broken, and who gets to decide how those things are imposed and otherwise dealt with?

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