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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Is preventing another Newtown, CT tragedy about gun control?

Gun control will not eliminate potential for future scenarios similar to the Newtown, CT "Sandy Hook" shootings that the world was shocked with on that fateful December day in 2012. I think we know that, but 'something' had to (and probably still HAS TO) be done to help soothe some of the hurt and anger and other social maladies which present themselves in such situations, and "gun control" being a fairly 'hot-topic' in many political and activist circles, perhaps many things simply 'came together' to help governments (Federal/State) do a little more of what they seemingly would like to do anyway...that is, cut down on at least SOME of the heavy-duty fire-power that was (is?) in the hands of perhaps way too many individuals who have not been carefully "checked out" by whoever is qualified to do the checking.

So, that being said, what WILL help prevent another Newtown, CT tragedy? Gun control might help to a degree, if done right, but I think there are some way more important facets of our society and culture that might need to be reviewed, as well. For one thing, I believe our children are 'screaming out' for love and affection, which they cannot get from day-care or other school venues. They need parental love and affection, attention to needs (physical, emotional, and otherwise)...don't you agree?

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