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Why Not Smile More As We Grow Older?

So, smiling more, they say, actually helps improve overall health. 

It's probably not the smiling gesture, as much as the emotional or mental processes at work that are behind the smiling gesture.

Smiling more is not the kind of thing just anyone can do; at least not without some conscious effort on our part. Some of the things needed in order to help promote more smiling are (IMhO):

In a word - Lots of Love 

My wife and I are in our mid 60's, and for several years we've been keenly aware of the phenomenon of "growing older". We frequently comment about how important it is to grunt and groan now, especially when trying to get into or out of vehicles, or when trying to lift heavy objects. 

And, don't forget, heavy is a relative term; I once lifted 50 lbs with ease, I now can lift only 40, or 30 or 20; OK, so it's more like 10!

And, we wonder about our inability to remember some things we know we should remember. Like when we see an acquaintance we haven't seen for quite a while and can't remember their name! How embarrassing is that?! 

Then, there's the proverbial arm's-reach-reading we do. When we try seeing the fine print for the ingredients on food and drink products we're buying, we sometimes ask each other to hold the package in order for us to see it clearly, because it needs to be beyond our own reach.

Then, there's the occasional falling asleep in the recliners, the creaking-bones when climbing stairs, the aching back when operating the vacuum cleaner, the tired feet after standing on hard floors, the aching muscles after a normal day at the beach; all that walking in sand, y'know? 

Did I mention reading ingredients? Yes, I know I did. Even the fact we are now even reading the ingredients far more frequently says something about growing older, for sure. 

After all, when we were young and our arteries were much clearer and our bones much stronger and our minds much less cluttered and our backs less worn out and our joints more flexible and even our hair and teeth and hearing more keenly fresh, we didn't have to think about ingredients so much. 

We have come to the conclusion that growing older might not always be fun and games, but it still offers opportunities to continue learning new things, even about how our aging bodies talk back more these days! 

I think we have also realized that the aging process is inevitable as long as we're alive, and the key is to make the very best and very most of every moment in time

Of course, that means something different for everyone , but if we can learn to think of the glass as half-full as much as possible, we will stand more chance of enjoying ourselves for as long as possible! 

Carpe Diem -- seize every moment of every day in every way! 
Enjoy, laugh, love, live! 
Be thankful, with praise! 
Smiling uses less muscles than frowning! 
Share...with all around! 

Making the most of every moment of every day can be addictive; proceed with caution and watch for warning signs of elation, giddiness, euphoria, happiness or other pleasurable sensations and feelings. 
Practice at your own risk.


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