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Is Donald Trump Stirring the Political Pot?

Are we almost there yet?
One thing seems pretty clear about "The Donald"...he's not caving in to "political-correctness-at-all-costs" like so many others, y'know? Not that I particularly like or agree with some of his approach and demeanor (sometimes), but he seems 'unafraid' to speak his piece...right, wrong, or otherwise.

I must say he IS piquing interest in many circles; primarily those who are already "fed up with things as they are" with regard to our political system, and even some of those currently holding offices.

I have heard folks say they appreciate that Donald is not being taken in by 'typical politics', but is (perhaps more 'strategically' than we give him credit for?) actually practicing reverse psychology.

After viewing a few clips of the Cleveland debate and listening to some of the 'analyzers' (pronounced ANAL-EYES-ers?) pick it apart for what things 'really mean', I am again impressed at the way Donald Trump has marched into the American political scene with an obvious intent of bringing attention to problems he believes are contributing to some of America's most difficult issues.

His comment about America being too-politically-correct-minded, when he was firing some darts at Megyn Kelly, was another "in your face" Donald Trump opinion; like it or not, he's giving it. It is up to all of us to decide whether or not what he is saying is based on reality, or simply on Trump's billionaire-real estate mogul-reality TV star, "free-thinking" style. I think he is simply 'being himself'; someone the world already knows in various ways; and he's telling it like he sees it, whether or not any of the 'thought police' or others appreciate it.

Not everyone would be likely to get away with some of his comments and other alleged actions or behaviors (etc.). But someone in his circles, with his known persona and flair and character traits and especially his wealth and power and influence level can say and do some things that most regular folks would probably not dare to do, nor get away with if they did.

Not that he is breaking laws (I don't really know), just that he is not going to cave to the pressures of some of society's misguided and otherwise questionable trends that are mostly based on emotional social-fabric waves of despair; i.e., rashes of shootings, 'terrorism', riots and other social unrest.

It sometimes makes me cringe when I hear Donald say some of the things he says, but it also makes me rather pleased that he is "outing" some of the things I believe many Americans are already aware of, such as the political-correctness and government-as-usual things.

I am curiously interested to keep eyes and ears open to how The Donald's path will proceed. I have some 'hunches', but I won't go there just yet, y'know?

Just sayin'...

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