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Pope Francis' American Visit - Can He Shame Political Correctness Away?

The Pope talked of compassion and love in his speech to the Joint Session of Congress, and of sharing with our neighbors and with others needing 'our goods, our interests, our social life'. 
I perceive this to represent such things as our lessons learned, our positive, prosperous, and beneficial research and technologies, our educational and health advancements, and other goodness we can offer as help, toward making a better, more honorable, more loving, more peaceable world.

I also perceive it to be a plea for honesty and Truth (with a capital "T") and integrity and uprightness and similar attitudes and practices within our political, social, environmental, and cultural arenas.

Pope Francis encouraged our politicians to remember who they are actually elected by and for...the people of the nation. And he pleaded for togetherness toward common good philosophies and legislative actions.

Thank you, Pope Francis, for your encouraging and uplifting visit to our nation; for your powerful and meaningful and heartfelt words and actions; for your example of humility and peaceful simplicity; and for your unselfish and freely exhibited spirit of compassion and love.

May we all have 'ears to hear', regardless of our individual religious choices and differences; and may our ambitions be spurred on to swift, urgent, and compassion driven actions for a brighter, more sustainable, more peaceful world that we call Planet Earth...our beautiful, wondrous home.

Just sayin'...


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