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Ratz! I Was Hoping Donald Trump Would Not Stoop To "Politics-As-Usual" Tactics!

Donald Trump is now slinging mud and dirt by talking harshly about Hillary and Bill Clinton, because he says they're 'fair game'. 

He has been bashing them like they were less than perfect (hmmm...aren't we all?)...and it seems he is attempting to besmirch (again) Bill Clinton for his alleged 'questionable behaviors' while he was President.

I cannot help wonder why political campaigns cannot be more honest and more real. Most of the dirt and mud that political candidates throw around has been embellished, enhanced, and otherwise "politicized" to appear far worse than what it might actually represent. 

Why do Americans even accept such childishness, such 'bullying', such ridiculously meaningless behaviors?

Why don't Americans demand "clean campaigning"? Why do we have to listen to them create scenarios that we know are blown out of proportion and full of lies?

What this kind of behavior says to me is that these candidates are capable of some pretty underhanded and shady thinking, especially when it comes to making themselves appear better than others in the fray.

I would like to think Americans are far more intelligent, more educated, more knowing than what some of our political leaders and candidates seem to demonstrate they expect of us. 

However, I'm afraid I might have been hoping for too much, when I had expectations that Donald Trump might be 'one of the first' to break the horrible tradition of pointing out flaws and perceived negative impressions of others. 

So, I guess we're in for 'politics as usual' after all, though for a time it did look promising to me. Maybe I was just a bit too trusting, huh?

Just sayin'...

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