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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Can rescuing a trapped kitten be a spiritual experience?

Yes, I believe rescuing a trapped kitten can be a very spiritual experience

Of course, it really depends on how one 'relates' to kittens and to other animals and all life-forms we share our planet with; but anyone with even a tiny bit of 'emotional understanding' (for want of a better description) will certainly learn and grow and benefit in many ways, if they ever have the opportunity to experience this.

It comes with such miraculous sensations as 'unconditional love', utter adoration, sheer gratitude, and other similarly genuine emotions, brought about when an innocent, tiny kitten looks questioningly into your eyes and snuggles into your warmth and begins to purr. 

The feeling of 'reward' has to be similar to the positive emotions people receive when engaged in helping other people in need, at least to some degree.

But spiritual? Oh, yes!

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Click image for my
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