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Promote World Peace - in Seven Days?

The endeavor involves 17 categories of needed global development toward improvements and enhancements for everyone on our planet! 

Categories like "No Poverty", "Zero Hunger", "Good Health and Well-being", "Quality Education", "Gender Equality", "Clean Water and Sanitation", "Affordable and Clean Energy", and 10 more, equally ambitious missions, each with its own set of goals and targets for getting things done.

Part of the overall effort includes "Tell Everyone", another ambitious goal of reaching out to '7 billion people in 7 days'. Wow!

How to do that? Many people sharing with many other people, I guess...and very quickly! 

Some of these things can, indeed, 'go viral', and can pick up tremendous momentum and traction...if everyone participates, y'know?

So, I'm sharing my own personal sentiments toward such a positive and altruistically awesome movement.

In my (humble) opinion, this kind of thing is what our world will be putting into practice more and more, as technology and communications systems improve, and more people become 'connected'.

I have often thought that Facebook™, Google™, and some of the other global giants could, if they wanted to, initiate and implement just such an endeavor as what this 'Global Goals for Sustainable Development' movement is doing.

Glad it's offering that new hope; let's all share it; "Tell Everyone"!
Just sayin'... 


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